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Secure Your Bitcoin Funds with the Kiboruto Backup

1. This guide demonstrates how to set up a fresh Samourai Wallet on Android and secure the seed phrase in a robust, stainless-steel backup called the Kiboruto.
2. It is important to secure the three key pieces of information when taking self custody of bitcoin: seed words, passphrase, and xpub.
3. The Kiboruto is tailor made for Samourai Wallet and provides a secure way to store backup information.

If you have taken self custody of your bitcoin, it is important to make sure your funds are secure from environmental hazards like fire and flood. Writing down your backup information in a notebook is a good start, but at some point, you may find that this no longer feels secure enough. To help protect your funds, a stainless-steel backup called the Kiboruto has been tailor made for Samourai Wallet. The Kiboruto helps you secure three key pieces of information: your seed words, passphrase, and xpub.

When setting up Samourai Wallet, you will be given a list of 12 words known as your “seed words,” sometimes also referred to as your “seed phrase” or “mnemonic phrase.” It is important to remember that these seed words must always be saved in the same order that your wallet presents them to you. If you get even one word in the wrong order, it could render your bitcoin backup useless. The passphrase is an optional extra layer of security for your wallet and it is recommended that you set one up. Lastly, the xpub is an extended public key which is used to generate new bitcoin addresses when receiving or sending bitcoin.

The Kiboruto is a great way to securely store your seed words, passphrase, and xpub. It is made of stainless steel and is resistant to fire, water, and other environmental hazards. The Kiboruto comes with two sides – one side for the seed words and the other side for the passphrase and xpub. It also comes with a set of instructions that will guide you through the whole set up process.

In conclusion, the Kiboruto is a great way to securely store your bitcoin backup information. By taking the radical responsibility of self custody over your bitcoin, you and you alone are responsible for those funds. Therefore, it is important to take every precaution in protecting your funds, and the Kiboruto is an excellent way to do just that.