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Make the Switch: Unlock Financial Freedom With Bitcoin

• Bitcoiners are at an incredibly low penetration rate of .01%.
• We need to convince the masses to opt out of fiat and vote with their money.
• I can’t remember what it was like before Bitcoin, making it hard to put myself in the shoes of non-Bitcoiners.

The Low Penetration Rate

We are at .01% penetration when it comes to Bitcoiners. According to @CroesusSource, this means there are only 250,000 Bitcoin Maximalists out of 2.2 billion people worldwide. This means that only those with $10,000+ net worths are being measured in this statistic.

Why Vote With Money?

We must give people the opportunity to vote with their money and opt out of fiat if we ever want our new system (Bitcoin) to come into fruition. That way, they will be able to understand what we see and believe in the power of cryptocurrency.

My Origin Story

I can’t even remember what it was like before I became a Bitcoiner! Everything seems so obvious now that I have become one; from climate crisis all the way down to shitcoin crisis – there is a solution for everything within cryptocurrency’s grasp. But how do I get others on board?

Force Pilling

I started with my closest family and friends first – trying desperately for them to also see what I saw and jump onto the journey along with me. However, most just weren’t ready or interested in learning more about cryptocurrency as a whole – which made me realize how much further ahead I had gone than everyone else around me.


At the end of the day, we must continue spreading knowledge on why crypto is important – and why people should use it as a form of voting with their money against fiat currency – if we want our new system (Bitcoin) to come into fruition sooner rather than later