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FTX 2.0 Reboot: New CEO John Ray III Plans to Relaunch Crypto Exchange

• FTX, a bankrupt crypto exchange, may soon relaunch as FTX 2.0.
• The project is underway due to the efforts of new CEO John Ray III.
• Ray and his team are actively engaged in meetings to reboot the exchange’s operations.

FTX Crypto Exchange Reemerges with Plans for FTX 2.0

The once-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX is making headlines as it plans for a potential relaunch, dubbed FTX 2.0. After suffering a devastating collapse last year, the company now has new management led by CEO John Ray III who is actively engaging in meetings and activities aimed at rebooting the operations of the firm. According to recent documents, Ray charges $1,300 an hour for his services.

Court Documents Reveal Plans for Relaunching Exchange

Court documents reveal that John Ray III has held a series of meetings with both creditors and debtors this April to review and finalize the proposed plans for restarting FTX as FTX 2.0. He also provided input on the “2.0 bidder list” and other related matters concerning the potential relaunch of the crypto exchange.

Plans For Relaunching Not New

This is not the first time that plans have been made to revive the crypto exchange after it filed bankruptcy last year; reports from January revealed that FTX had uncovered $5.5 billion in liquid assets and subsequently recovered $7.3 billion in assets by April 2021 paving way for its potential relaunch targeted towards Q2 2024.. Former co-founder and CEO of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried also expressed his support for restarting FTX and introducing new FTT tokens to go along with its reemergence into the cryptospace market space .

What’s Next?

With plans already in motion, it appears that all eyes will be on John Ray III as he leads attempts at reviving From The Xchange (FTX). As more details about plans surrounding its revival are released over time, investors should keep their eyes peeled for updates about what lies ahead .


As news surrounding FTX’s possible relaunch continues to spread across crypto media outlets, many are left wondering if this could be one of few major success stories within cryptocurrency industry or just another failed attempt at recovery? Only time will tell whether or not this ambitious reboot will be successful or not but one thing’s certain: With former co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s backing , there might just be enough momentum behind this project to carry it through .